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PropNET is an ad-hoc 2-way (and potentially, "more-way") RF-based digital communication network whose activity is reported on the Internet.  As participating stations periodically ID and exchange data, they report their activity to an Internet data-collection hub for presentation through this web site.

Participating in the PropNET project can be about...

... innovation!  In the USA, FCC rules allow for "Automatically Controlled Digital Stations" (Title 47 CFR Part 97.221) and the PropNET project is helping to define the strategies of such operation against a backdrop of being a good band co-occupant through the application of "Good Amateur Practice".

... realtime communication (automatic or personal)!  Some PropNET operators may have invoked "QSO Alert", allowing them to be alerted if their station decodes others attempting to make a keyboard contact with them.

... propagation tracking!  The charts on this web site reveal what RF communication circuits are available (and NOT available), in real time and without the inaccuracy of human assessment.

... providing station performance assessment to others!  Operators who can't seem to get a response to their "CQ's" can "ping" a PropNET station (by sending a PropNET formatted transmission) and see if they are reported by a PropNET participant (along with an IMD report) on www.PropNET.org.

All of this and more!  Join in on the fun and become part of a truly 21st Century Amateur innovation!

To get started, click on the FAQ tab in the Navigation Bar at the top or bottom of the page.

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